Jun 9, 2010


I've got another Space 242 show coming up...details below. Here's the big difference. I'm only putting one piece in, but it won't be shown anywhere until after the show. It's the least I can do for the folks who make the trip out to Boston and pay the ten bucks for parking.

So yeah, see you there.


Anonymous said...

Whoa! Ten Bucks for parking! No wonder Worcester people are reluctant to go! If you drive three blocks down Harrison Ave and take a left at the lights there is TONS of FREE parking at the street meters-- which are free after six.

abnormalbrain said...

Always good to know. I usually find unmetered spots by SoWa. Unfortunately, if you're not in that area much, you don't really know where the good parking is, and just opt for the big sign with the P on it.

Basic premise is, if you made the effort to give support, I'd like my offering to be somewhat rewarding.

Pete said...

Yet nobody complains about spending 20 buck on lottery tickets or 50 bucks at the club, But when it comes to the Arts it's a ah ,well, oh, you see shit and you wonder why. all the more reason to spend money on the Arts to support people who know how to take a risk to entertain the mind for a lot less than a Worcester hangover.