Jun 12, 2011

IMC Day 2

Wait...it's only day 2? Holy shit. Had more great seminars today, some about designing concept art for films, evolution of personal artistic styles, nature vs nurture on the subject of talent (spoiler alert: I was right, it is about working hard and not about having a magic wand hit your head at birth). Made some more progress on my image. Starting to feel unsure about it, but this is where I always get shaky --when it comes to putting the brush on the canvas, or masonite. Had some good suggestions that affected some of my color decisions. Here's a color study, incomplete. Finish it tomorrow. Need some sleep.
Looks like I'm skipping my run again tomorrow morning.


Fitzzz said...

Looking pretty "Fire_BadAss" Look forward to it's completion, I think the wand hit your head just right, you, ARE a Drawrer.

Ware River Pet Company said...

Very nice, Derek!

Big Brother said...

If it is nurture, then are you saying that everyone starts from the same place? Because that doesn't seem accurate to me. I'm not discounting the aspect of hard work at all to pushing the personal craft.