Jun 14, 2011

IMC Day 3

Sorry, true-believers, no visual update today. What I can say is that I am thoroughly impressed by Mo Willems' design of art and text and the mental comprehension of each. My achievements include: I got my sketch mounted onto masonite board. Sure, I expected that it would be done by 10am, and it was actually done by 9pm, but it got done by plenty of sweat and effort and desperate please-please-work-so-I-can-move-on-with-this. I also drew in my gritty city background this evening and am ready to paint-paint tomorrow morning. I have preemptively requested lots of hand-holding as I embark on the painting aspect of this course. Will post my progress tomorrow night.

It's 3 am, and many people know my pet peeve of birds waking joyfully as I attempt to go to bed; it goes without saying that I'd like, LOVE to punch that bird in the face.

While I did enjoy whiskeys with a bunch of great artists this evening, I do miss all my dickhead friends. Yeah I'm looking at you.

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Tina Z said...

Sounds great D! Can't wait to see the work . . .