Sep 30, 2011


Working on a lot of different ideas for this project. It's really morphing from what I originally intended. I'll explain better later. I want to really push the mediums I'm working with.

Here's one example...It's just a test strip, and there's plenty of mess on there, but the basic idea is it's a sketch digitally blown up and printed on a cotton paper. I then did some basic tones in thin washes of oil paint and after they dried I went over it again with watercolor washes, mostly black. The different medium bases have a similar look, but they don't interfere with each other. I don't think this is a preferred method, but I am liking what I see.


Fitzzz said...

Great sketch and very interesting choice of paints, neat look!

Anonymous said...

very nice. gets me thinking of 'the dark crystal'.