Sep 14, 2011

I want her.

Ok, ok. I know I've been saying I want this to be a sci-fi babes calendar. Yeah. Well. I want Beatrix Kiddo in this so bad I'm changing the rules. The more I think on it, it really is important to me for the women to be strong, interesting heroes. I hate the word 'heroine'. Too easily confused with that other 'heroin'. Sheroes? Blecch. Considering how many men Beatrix has taken down, how about just the non-gendered 'hero'.

This conflict idea is making me reconsider the thrust of the project. I mean, I want to include Ripley from Alien, but what good is she when she isn't blasting that ugly fucker to shit? It's about showdowns. The idea's been done before, and in really fun ways, but I really want to concentrate on contrasts and tensions.

Consider this color study, the giant Kiddo in the foreground, dressed in hot yellows and reds, wild hair, spattered with blood. Her posture seems disoriented, the light on her back suggests that she's just been transported from another world. Smaller in the distance, is O'Ren Iishi, in blues and whites, is calm and harmonious with the environment. Each snowflake is a part of her. Her silver sword is drawn from its black sheath, she'll use both sword and sheath in the battle, a metaphor for yin and yang. 


Allison Bamcat said...

My favorite movie! Great scene, looks good!

Mike Briggs said...

Man these look great! Thanks for showing the process. I am looking forward to the finish product.