Dec 10, 2010

Cold morning.

I had to go out yesterday to do some recon-research for an illustration project. It was 19º or so out. It sucked. My fingers were freezing and my camera batteries died halfway through. Luckily, it was the camera that takes AA's, and not my stupid proprietary not-easily-recharged camera batteries, so I stepped into a convenience store. As I wandered the store, warming up, there was a manager interviewing a guy for a job.

Manager: "Very good, what's your phone number?"
Candidate: "I don't have one right now, I had to have it shut off."

Cold morning? Whatever. I have it easy. I know it pays shit, but I hope he gets that job. It's the giving season, so give some $ so your neighbors can eat. They're not lazy, they're not losers. They're just like you, they just got a shittier roll of the dice.

Worcester County Food Bank


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Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more. There are a lot of people having a spell of bad luck. A little good will goes a long way to helping.