Dec 28, 2010

Oh, no.

I have a movie on where many upsetting things happen. War, deaths, some massive dickishness, etc. Then one of the characters is an artist and she starts airbrushing, and I catch myself saying out loud "oh, no". I guess some things are just too much for me to take.

Here's some REAL ART!


Anonymous said...

Have you ever seen Hitchcock's Vertigo? One of the characters is an artist and for a lark produces this portrait of herself, like she did it in 10 minutes, the reality of the piece is it would have taken easily 60 hours at the minimum-- all for the sake of a joke??

abnormalbrain said...

Haven't seen Vertigo since I was in college...though it is on my Netflix streaming queue. I just needed some warmup after being away from everything over xmas, etc, so I spent maybe 2 hrs on that thing I posted. Might make a funny tshirt.

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