Dec 27, 2010

Mr Gorbachev, tear down this mall!

So Worcester Magazine, our local alt-pub, wanted to do a year-end big-big-story roundup issue, and have it all done as a full-color cartoon section. Here's my addition to the collection:

Click to enlarge.

The story: I guess there was a big to-do involving the Governor and Lt Gov arriving here in the Worm, in order to officiate over the demolition of the local mall that has been sitting empty since, like, 1914. When folks showed up hoping to see a Vegas-casino-sized demolition, they got to see a small drill bit poke itself through one wall of the mall. Whee. Oh, also, they needed TWO countdowns before the drill bit actually emerged from it's hole.

When it did, it predicted another 10 years of unattractive real estate.

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Bret M. Herholz said...

I agree 110%!! Seriously! It's ridiculous!! The Galleria has been a nasty blight on the city since it was opened. With the "progress" they've made I'll probably riding around in a rascal making threatening remarks to pigeons before they finally decide to tear it down completely!!

I thought you comic summed everything up perfectly :D