Sep 20, 2011

31 Leeloos

When I was in college, we went to see this movie called The 5th Element. It had Bruce Willis in it. He was the guy from Moonlighting. He was good and all, but the chick in that movie had everyone chattering.

Taking the time to concentrate on this is massively fun. Seems like I take every October and November off to make art. To make art, for me.

This project, while intended to be a book release, is also going to be a gallery show. So, maybe we'll have 31 little watercolored Leeloos that everybody can take home. Good idea?

As always, click to enlarge.


Mark Young said...

Where's that girls multipass? ;)

Nice work, as always.

Fitzzz said...

That's where I heard of that "Bruce Willis" guy from...Ha!
Can't wait to see the watercolours.

Amanda said...

loving these!