Aug 25, 2009

D-9 Update II

This might be done. Spent some more time on it tonight. Happy with how the shantytown came out. It's important to make sure that detailed bits of background look right so they don't wreck the whole piece.

As I was finishing up, Nick told me that Ted Kennedy had died, around midnight tonight. I know his last effort was to push through a proper universal health care system so that we could join the rest of the modern, shoe-wearing world. It's despicable that so many went to so much trouble to destroy a dying man's efforts, and hurt the rest of us in the process, just in the name of greed. Many of those people will be on the TV tomorrow, weeping and reciting fake sentiment.

Rest in peace, you will be missed.

1 comment:

Pete said...

it's just plain" perfect looking" just love the depth in this frame, it make the picture bigger than it looks