Aug 17, 2009

What is this?

What is this nice box that has arrived on my porch this morning?

Looks nice.

Smooth borders, no clumsy edges on the art.

Got my trucks ready to screw in. Found these on a busted board down by Vincent's one night.

Thanks, litterpunk!

EDIT: This surface is really beautiful, but the closer you get, you do see that there is some inkjetting at work here, not quite museum/gallery quality, but still pretty awesome. Definitely worth it. Anyone interested in one of their own can click here*.

Or here.

Or here.

Or even here.

You get the idea.

Thanks, everybubby!

*Also, I just saw $5 off for orders over $45, use code SUMMER5OFF45. All boards are usually $59, sans trucks.


Kyle said...

Wow...if I skated, i'd want it. Looks awesome.

abnormalbrain said...

Thanks, man. Maybe I can figure out how to do a 10-speed.

Louie said...

Real nice, where can we buy one??

Michelle May said...

Wow my son and all his friends would love that!

abnormalbrain said...

Oh yeah, meant to post that.

Also, I've updated the post.

Pete said...

you never stop to amaze can just walk around with it even if you don't skate with it,just that cool

Unknown said...

That looks awesome Derek. Don't know if you know about, but they have custom ones as well. I did one for a Senior Studio project in college. You can kind of see it at