Aug 31, 2009

Mr Smartass* has been going on for a whole year

Holy Cow.
Thanks to everyone who has been coming from the start. And welcome to everyone who has just started coming and OMG, filling up that room. Wednesday nights are tough sell, but you guys are cool. It's getting good and this week we've got the specialest of treats...

*The Mr. Smartass Theater Show is a live homage (aka total ripoff) to the classic television program Mystery Science Theater 3000. Three of Worcester's most notorious smart alecs give each film a new soundtrack laced with puns, dirty jokes, sound effects, factoids and pop culture references.

**Every show is unique, every show starts at 9:30, and it's ALWAYS FREE to get in. The Lucky Dog Music Hall is at 89 Green Street in beautiful Worcester MA.

***It's especially free if you are wearing a tube top.

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