Aug 13, 2009

Recommended List

Here is a list of things that are amazing:

Havana Nocturne, by T.J. English
The Mighty, from DC Comics
The Rapture, from Dark Horse Comics
Steamboy, (DVD)
Wednesday Comics, from DC Comics
•My 81 Honda 400, (and its sweet new mirrors)
Iron skillet cooking
Central MA Roller Derby
Dead Space for the PS3
Widoff's pumpernickel bread
Beastie Boys remixes
Kings of Leon
•NIN's Ghosts I-IV
Michael and Michael Have Issues
Clarke and Dawe
The Hangover (ok maybe not amazing, but still fun)
Airsoft guns
•Those giant new sound-enhanced greeting cards at CVS

This is just a list of things. People who are amazing...well, you know who you are. And you really bug me, you know that?

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